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                                                   MMG Magnetics - Soft Ferrite Division

                                                   MMG Magnetics - Permanent Magnet Divsion

                                                   MMG Precision - CNC Precision Machining Division

                                                   MMG Sinome Powder  - Powder Division

                                                   MMG Trectel Components - Component Division

MMG Magnetics Division 

The MMG Neosid family of companies was founded in 1932, expanded its operation into manufacturing magnetic materials in the United Kingdom in 1936. The operations further expanded into Toronto, Canada in 1952 and Lilyfield, Australia in 1956. The Port Chester, New York Krystinel Corporation founded in 1954 was acquired into the group in 1989. In 1990, the Group also acquired Salford Electrical Instruments (SEI). In 1974, the Chennai based EID Parry India Limited, a subsidiary of the Murugappa Group, with the assistance Siemens, began the operation of a soft ferrite plant in Chennai, India . This facility was later acquired by the Group in 1997.

MMG Precision Division

MMG- Precision Machining Division dates back to 1954 with its root in operations in Sweden, UK. The group expanded its operation into Toronto, Canada in 1972. In 2013 MMG acquired Precision Ceramics Machining Inc, New York. In 2015 MMG acquired Junior Precision Tool and Die and in 2016 acquired Eurocan CNC Precision Machining. In 2017 MMG acquired Valmar Precision Machining.

MMG Powder Division

MMG- Powder Division was founded in 1932. The powder division has continued to be the contributing force to our development is the magnets industry. Offering the largest selection of powder materials in the industry. MMG has maintained a constant focus on new product development and a commitment to new product launches. In 2016 MMG acquired Sinome ferrites, Brazil . This acquisition has further enhanced the group offering in powders and powder development.

MMG Canada Ltd continues to be committed to it's global markets and customers and will continue it's supply focus into leading manufacturers in the automotive. Telecommunications, computing and industrial electronics markets. MMG Canada Limited, will also continue its focus on global reach, establishing technical and manufacturing facilities in strategic countries and maintaining the successful formula of close liaison with our customers in most major overseas markets.

MMG's continuing investment in modern manufacturing equipment and the development of new technologies is based upon understanding our customers' needs and providing solutions.

Magnetics Division Product Profile

     MnZn & NiZn soft ferrite cores & accessories
     MnZN & NiZn Powders and fully sintered Powders
     Permanent magnets including ferrite, alnico & rare earth
     Component Assembly and core winding